Holes in the Sky

wpid-img_385312276033566.jpeg Not theologically sound, but a very real experience in the human drama of life and death!  Perhaps we all have had a Charlie Brown moment. Is it not a self- comforting action when we say “I know he or she is watching over me”? Some think of them as angels, assigned to look after them. Have you heard any of the countless stories of inexplicable occurrences that seem as If they are messages from loved ones? Consider http://blog.godreports.com/2012/06/when-god-sends-signs-in-the-natural-world-after-the-death-of-a-loved-one/  an account written by Mark Ellis about his friend. Bereavement is not conducive to preaching or platitudes. It is that time after the sudden blast of the storm when one rides out the menacing turbulence with courage and whatever is at hand. Should one find comfort in seeing their lost one twinkling at them in the skies, we listen.  We who know Christ are not without hope. We know where our lost ones have gone. Yet, being human, we somehow need something to hold onto that keeps that sense of connectedness.  Keepsakes, photos, letters, memories.  These are symbols of the connection we had. And now we can no longer speak to, embrace, laugh or cry with. Our finite humanness urges us to find something  that now connects us between heaven and earth. We seek to fill the hole in our heart, the absence in our life. And sometimes we peek through holes in the sky.



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